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Ceetec P40 - Impegnation/Paining machine

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The Ceetec P40 is made to treat wood with water and oil based wood protection. It is suitable for rough, planed and shaped wood. Ensuring easy and safe operation and maintenance were considered especially important in the construction of the Ceetec P40. The lid is easy to remove. When the side panel and the lower protection caps are removed, it is easy to access the transmissions. The simple machine construction makes it easy to use. The machine is on rubber wheels and can be easily moved around. It is suitable for workshops and building sites. • The wood item is feed in an upright position through the machine using a forward drive. • The wood item is driven past a set of nozzles that apply an excess amount of wood protection. This ensures that even items with high or uneven absorption rates or rough wood receives sufficient wood protection. • A set of rotating brushes ensure that the wood protection is evenly distributed and brushes away any excess fluid. In this way, the treated item gains an extremely good finish without overlaps and runs. • The wood protection liquid circulates in a closed circuit: sucked from bucket with fluid, application, filtration, return to bucket. In this way, any unnecessary fluid loss is avoided.

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